Posted on: 22/04/2022

Shakespeare Day at MPS

Staff at MPS dressed up again for Shakespeare Day this year.  We do this because many students feel unfamiliar with Shakespeare's work. It was something that when we first surveyed students here they were most worried about learning - they thought it would be too hard and just not for them.  So at MPS, we head this face on and take away the fear!

The students study Shakespeare in every year. They start with an introductory unit in Y7 and then move to whole plays in Y8 & Y9. By the time they get to GCSE that worry is gone. The language is more familiar and they develop skills and transferable knowledge between texts that help them in their understanding.

Shakespeare's texts are rich for many reasons, his plays are centred around what it is to be human and all the difficulties and joys associated with this. Ideas about inter-racial relationships, discrimination, gender equality, equality in general, difficult families, difficult relationships with parents, friendships and romantic relationships, love, hate, war...  - it's all there! This shows something philosophical about the struggles and questions humans faced then are still pertinent to a modern-day audience. 

Mrs A Davis