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Employer Engagement

As part of our careers provision at MPS, we are keen to work with employers to support our students in preparation for future careers and employment.  Our aim is to help all our students reach their potential and we want to ensure they move on to their chosen destination.  With the help of employers, we can ensure our students are fully informed about their next steps and what is available to them 'Beyond MPS'.

There are many ways employers can support us.  Below are just a few of the ways you could help:

  • offering talks to students interested in a particular sector or area of industry
  • delivering an assembly to students on a particular sector or area of industry to inform students about the world of work
  • offering interview experience
  • offering work experience
  • linking with a relevant Head of Subject in school and allowing visits to the workplace for a class, where it links with a topic being studied, or coming in to speak to a class to bring real world context to a particular topic
  • helping to build our students' knowledge of employability skills and the workplace 

If you are an employer and would like to support us in any of the above or in other ways, please email Mrs Amali Davis, Careers Lead at

For further reading on the benefits of employer engagement please review the links below: