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Posted on: 19/04/2022

Chelsea Foundation Football Camp

Chelsea Foundation Easter Football Course

During the Easter holidays, we were extremely lucky to be able to run a football camp with Mr Kingston and Matt, from Chelsea, leading the sessions. Each day was based on a different topic from dribbling to passing to shooting, ending up with a day of challenges on the final day. 

The players (a mix of boys and girls from year 7 to 9) took part in training drills every morning aimed to improve their football skills and their overall confidence of the game. The club provided lunch and ran short workshops to educate the students on nutrition and mental wellbeing before heading back outside for matches and tournaments during the afternoon. 

It was a fantastic week and we are hoping to run an even bigger event in the Summer. Thank you to Chelsea, Club4 and for Oddbox for the free boxes of fruit and veg given to the families to take home!