Vision & Values

Our Motto:



Our Vision:

Our vision


Our Values:


All of our values are powerful and have a place in helping us to develop our students into the responsible citizens we desire them to be in this modern world in which we live. As a community focused school, ‘Inclusion’ is the bedrock on which our other values sit. Our desire to educate students in more than simply an academic capacity is clear in our vision at Merstham Park and being a values driven school is a key part of us achieving this. A values driven school is one which fully embraces its values and expects all members of its school community to model these values. 


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Our Mission:

It is our mission to ensure that ‘everyone at Merstham Park makes a difference’ to the future life chances of the young people who join our family. We endeavour to:

  • ‘Ignite a passion for learning’ in all students through providing a safe, exciting and inspiring learning experience for all
  • Build a school to serve our community based upon our core values
  • Provide a varied programme of enrichment opportunities - allowing all students to develop talents and interests beyond the classroom
  • Ensure everyone feels valued – celebrate the individual achievements of all
  • Bring the real-world to life through practical exploration and project based learning