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Posted on: 04/03/2021

World Book Day 2021

World Book Day - One day is not enough!

At Merstham Park, one day is not enough to celebrate reading, so we have had to extend it! Reading is something we are passionate about promoting to our students. We want to ensure our students have a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and all the life chances that this brings them.

The whole school was part of the literary festivities. The house competition of 'A Literary Bake' was organised by Miss Perkins and inspiration was taken from the amazing cookbook 'Scone with the wind'. A cookbook to rival most others with 72 'novel' recipes helping you create edible versions of well-loved works including 'Wuthering Bites', 'The pie who loved me' and a 'Midsummer Pudding's Dream'. Students and staff came up with their own literary bake or followed one of the famous recipes. A Harry Potter Cookbook is up for grabs for the winner and a hoard of fantastic house points. I look forward to what the winning  literary dish looks like! 

Lord of the kings


Other subjects continued to show their support and acknowledgement of the importance of reading. The following gives you a snapshot of what was organised:

Science - Famous sci fi books & science fiction or science fact

French - Reading excerpts on Paris monuments and a virtual tour of Paris and Quebec

Spanish - Translate the titles

ITP - Featured suggested books at the end of each lesson

English- A virtual pop in visit to the British Library Treasure room

Maths - Harry Potter themed mathematical questions to answer

The challenge subjects refused to be outdone by other subjects and planned their activities around an Alice in Wonderland theme: Food -  Making jam tarts, DT - Making a Wonderland signpost, Art - Tea cup and saucer paper folding & creating Alice in Wonderland illustrations, PE - Play homemade croquet, Drama - Writing monologues & Music - Getting melodious with ‘Welcome to Wonderland’ by Anson Seabra.Wbdart2



It did not stop there with Miss Munro's guess the 'shelfie' quiz, to guess which member of staff’s reading shelf was pictured and students were also given the opportunity to sign up to a live talk with happiness specialist and author Dr Andy Cope. Dr Cope was discussing his teenage wellbeing book: The Art of being a brilliant teenager'. 

Brilliant teenager

The only thing we moved away from was the usual 'dress up' as your favourite character...but we have another event planned for dramatic dress up of staff in a few weeks - so watch this space!

A huge thank you to all staff and students involved and we hope this continues to encourage a love reading in our students.

Happy World Book Day! 

Mrs Davis

Associate Assistant Head