Posted on: 14/06/2023

Arts Celebration Evening

On Tuesday 13 June, we came together as a community to celebrate the incredible hard work of our students within the Creative Arts. This is the first year that we have been able to exhibit work and celebrate the Arts in our new building. Not only did we celebrate the fantastic achievements of our Year 11's in Art and Photography, but also exhibited the work of our Year 10's and Key Stage 3 students which included examples of drawings, paintings and photography. Mr Martin along with his DT students were proud to show off their technical mastery including CAD design and 3D printing.  The highlight of the evening (according to Mr Tunbridge) was the food prepared by our Year 10 Food Technology students, working under the guiding presence of Miss West.

The evening started with performances from our Key Stage 3 students with "Goldilocks" by Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes, followed by a Year 10 performance with an excerpt from Blood Brothers choreographed and staged by Mrs Eckersall whilst Mr Davies worked with our hugely talented Music students to produce 2 outstanding musical performances from the incredibly talented Hannah S on piano and Mikey Q singing his heart out.  Awards were presented to many deserving students within the Creative Arts, with us all joining Mrs Eckersall in lamenting the fact that we couldn't award more of our students. 

Mr Ward, having agonised over the decision of who to pick for his Head of School Award, presented it to Roshni P for her incredible work on display and for embodying the school’s values throughout her time here, particularly in the Creative Arts with both Drama and DT commending her for her excellent work. 

Mr Davis and his Year 8 Music students brought the evening to a close in the courtyard with a beautiful Brazilian Samba performance accompanied by a much-needed cool breeze as the sun began to set. 

The evening was a resounding success and would not have been at all possible without the hard work of all students involved, from displaying work to preparing food and putting on performance. This really was a celebration of how hardworking, talented and simply wonderful our students really are. 

Photo credits to the dynamic duo, Jess N & Gabi A. 

Thank you to all who attended to celebrate with us, 

Mrs Harkness, Mr Tunbridge and the Creative Arts team