Posted on: 25/04/2023

Shakespeare Day at MPS

Shakespeare Day

We are excited to share with you that our school staff celebrated Shakespeare Day in a unique way this year! April 23 was the birth and the death anniversary of the famous playwright William Shakespeare, and to celebrate this special day, on Monday 24 April our staff dressed up as characters from his plays.

From Macbeth to Cleopatra, our staff brought the characters to life with their costumes and acting skills. It was a delightful sight to see our teachers and support staff dressed up as the famous characters we have all studied in class.

The celebration was not just limited to dressing up, as the English department also organised a learning mentor time activity to educate and engage our students about the life and work of Shakespeare. Congratulations to 7EA for winning this.

It was a great way to celebrate the legacy of Shakespeare and to instil in our students an appreciation for literature and the arts. We hope that this fun-filled celebration will inspire our students to explore more of Shakespeare's works and to appreciate the beauty of language and storytelling. All year groups study the bard.

We want to extend a huge thanks to our staff for putting in the effort to make this event a success and for bringing some Shakespearean magic to our school. It was a day to remember, and we look forward to many more such celebrations in the future.

Mrs Davis