Posted on: 08/03/2023

MPS Y10 students visit Tate Modern

On Tuesday 7 March 2023, The Art Department took our Year 10 Art students to the Tate Modern. This visit contributed to their coursework unit, and students were encouraged to study the artwork in front of them and copy what had been demonstrated to them. Some of the Artwork is installation, film, or sculpture based which are art forms that our students are not often familiar with.

At times, it can be hard to understand artworks, or decipher what is being communicated in the work. Our students were very mature and responded to working in the gallery space well. Some great work was completed, and everyone had a great day!

Lavena, one of our students said "I really enjoyed seeing Artwork in the gallery space.  My favourite piece was by Cildo Meireles, Babel, which was made in 2001. It was a tower made up of radios, all playing at the same time and playing different types of music on radio stations. I didn't think this could be represented as Art and thought it was really interesting to interact with". 

Thank you to Mrs Harkness and her faculty for taking our Year 10s to such a wonderful gallery.