Posted on: 03/03/2023

World Book Day



At Merstham Park, one day is not enough to celebrate reading, so we have extended it! Reading is something that we are passionate about in promoting with our students. We want to ensure our students have a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and all the life chances that this brings them. 

The whole school was part of the literary festivities. On Friday 3 March 2023, all staff dressed up as a range of literary characters from famous books and every subject took part and had a variety of literary based activities within the week. 

Subjects continued to show their support and acknowledgement of the importance of reading. The following gives you a snapshot of what was organised:


  • An online talk given by Michael Morpurgo, 

  • Premier League Takeover quiz! The 30-minute quiz* will feature two rounds of questions (one football-themed, one reading-themed) pitched by footballing heroes and their writer pals.

  • Watching a talk presented Natalie and Naomi Evans who are both contributors to ‘Being an Ally: Real Talk About Showing Up, Screwing Up, and Trying Again’

History - reading Historical fiction:

  • Two Violins (based on the Holocaust)

  • Two Densities (based on Buddhism)

  • Cheonson and the Admiral (young Korean boy helping defeat the Japanese)

  • Passages in the life of a Slave Woman (based on slavery)

MFL: French Petit Nicolas et le sport lesson

  • French Le Petit Nicolas Year 7

  • 'Je suis malade' lesson Year 8

  • Starter activity Year 9 

  • French Poetry Le déjeuner du matin Year 10 

Design & Technology: A  Harry Potter themed 3D design project

Art: Do comic books count? A comic book inspired activity and discussion.

The house competition of 'A Literary Bake' was organised and inspiration was taken from the amazing cookbook 'Scone with the wind'. Recipes were shared to inspire edible versions of well-loved works including 'Wuthering Bites', 'The pie who loved me' and ' A Midsummer Pudding's Dream'.

Our yearly sponsored ‘Readathon’ read begins this week where all money goes to support the work of Read for good.  Mrs Spencer and Mrs Hartigan arranged lots of wonderful activities in the library all week and some students were lucky to win Golden tickets when they borrowed books. 

Finally students enjoyed seeing  staff dress up as their favourite book characters.  Well done to Georgia G in Year 9 who was the first student to successfully guess who we all were. 

 Happy World Book Day! 

Mrs Davis 

Associate Assistant Head