Posted on: 17/04/2023

MPS Campaign Champions



Send My Friend to School Campaign

Over the Easter Holidays, we had the pleasure of going to Stratford-Upon-Avon to train to be Campaign Champions for the Send My Friend to School Campaign. We did a number of activities getting to know our fellow campaigners rom around the UK, and preparing to speak to our MPs and other members of Parliament about the importance of education in emergencies.  At the training we met people who had the same values and respected our opinions. We enjoyed learning more about the cause and becoming friends with many other like-minded people who value education and understand how it will help us in the future. We are excited to help the school and the community learn more about what they can do to make sure everyone around the world has access to education. 

This year's Send my friend to school campaign is Let My Friends Learn, which focuses on education in emergencies. The aim is to support young people around the world whose education is impacted by climate, war and other extraordinary factors. We want to create genuine change in the UK government’s global education policy giving every child the right to education. Over the next year we plan to run sessions for students at MPS, visiting local primary schools, and speak to our MP. We also will be going to parliament in June for Youth Action Day to speak to the government about what they can do better to help these children around the world. 

We look forward to representing not just MPS, but all students around the world who value their education and going on this journey as a community. 

Send My Friend to School Champions, Mariya (9M) and Olivia (10P)